Top 5 unique car Game Like GTA 5 mods for GTA 5 in 2023 And Direct Download Link

Top 5 unique car Game Like GTA 5:- Grand Theft Auto games involve numerous vehicles, and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is no exception. Although Rockstar Games provides many vehicles in both versions of the game, players still seek more unique features in them. While console users are limited to the cars provided by the studio, PC users can add new cars and features via mods to tailor gameplay to their preferences.

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5 car mods to enhance driving experience in GTA 5

1) GTA 4 handling

Grand Theft Auto 4 has one of the franchise’s most unique car handling mechanisms, which is close to driving in real life. While most players dislike it, a sizable portion applauds Rockstar Games for including it. Nonetheless, modder Ethicat brings this unique GTA 4 feature to the current game with a mod.

It changes the handling mechanism of around 200 vehicles in the game providing an immersive driving experience. According to the modder, the vehicle’s weight, speed, brake, traction, center of mass, suspension, damage, and other handling characteristics are altered.

2) 2023 Lamborghini Revuelto

The Revuelto is one of the most recent vehicles released by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. in real life, and modders have already added it to the 2013 game. According to modder OzzyTM, the patch includes automatic spoilers, accurate real-life scales, scissor doors, a high-quality car body, front and rear indicators, detailed collision effects, and many other features.

GTA 5 vehicle enthusiasts who want to drive a Lamborghini in the game should definitely try this mod for a fresh and unique driving experience. The modder also provides eye-catching color options to customize the vehicle’s appearance.

3) Gear Shifting Animation

Although Rockstar Games pays attention to details such as stylish interiors, a functional dashboard, and various other car features, the transmission remains automatic with no option to switch to manual. However, modder Burkiolmi has addressed the issue with a GTA 5 car mod that, despite using auto-transmission, includes gear-shifting animation.

As is customary, the mod is primarily made for first-person camera users. The character’s hand moves in sync with the transmission and makes a gear-shifting noise. A small text in the bottom right corner also indicates which gear the car is in.

4) NFS BMW E46 M3

The BMW E46 M3 is very popular among gamers due to its inclusion in the Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005 video game. While Rockstar Games included Paul Walker’s Skyline from Fast and Furious 2 in GTA Online, the NFS car is still missing from both versions of the game. However, modder cookierich has addressed this issue with a mod.

Need for Speed fans can now drive this car in Grand Theft Auto 5. The modder added two Easter eggs in the car’s trunk, including a miniature version of the car and a cover of the 2005 video game.

5) 2004 Ferrari F2004

Formula 1 cars are among the fastest vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V Online, offering a thrilling speed-driving experience. However, no such vehicles have been added to the Story Mode. To address this issue, modder sofgaming developed a mod that brings the real-life Ferrari F2004 into the game.

The Formula 1 car is highly detailed and has a high top speed. The car’s body also includes several real-life brand stickers, adding realism. Like other vehicles in the game, the steering wheel and instrument cluster also function in accordance with the vehicle’s condition.

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