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BGMI APK LEAK:– Battlegrounds Mobile India, one of the most loved battle royale among Indian gaming enthusiasts, is out of all virtual stores despite reports claiming its return. A few days ago, KRAFTON, the developer of the title, revealed its Q1 2023 earnings and in a media interaction, KRAFTON CFO Bae Dung-Geun talked about the company’s potential growth when BGMI returns. Here’s what you need to know about the latest developments surrounding the Battlegrounds Mobile India unban.

BGMI Rift News Latest

After the disclosure of KRAFTON’s Q1 earnings, many must have wondered what would happen to KRAFTON’s growth if BGMI continues with PUBG Mobile simultaneously. After KRAFTON revealed its Q1 earnings, CFO Bae Dung-Geun revealed a lot about the BGMI ban in a press conference. Here’s what he had to say about the ongoing situation

If we are also able to get some good news regarding BGMI, I believe Crafton Mobile will outperform. But with regards to whether this is a good enough signal as you wanted to expect, I’m not quite sure. But as a CFO I guess that’s really my take on it. Yes, then you can enjoy it.

Sales were down on an annual basis when comparing Q4 to Q1 of last year, which was due to the suspension of BGMI services. If the ban on BGMI is lifted and we resume our services, the numbers will start increasing.

Judging by the statements, it’s quite clear that KRAFTON is highly interested in reintroducing the title, although it has nothing to show for it yet.

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